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Others who contributed include Indian Association of Uganda, Nile Humanitarian Development Agency (NHDA),Vegol Uganda Ltd, Sseninde Foundation, Pakistan Community and Prime Media, among others.


KAMPALA - Rwandan tycoon Tribert Rujugiro Ayabatwa, through his two companies in Uganda, the Meridian Tobacco Company based in Arua and Leaf Tobacco and Commodities on Saturday contributed sh250m to the Uganda National Response Fund to COVID-19.

Rujugiro's contribution was handed over to Mary Karooro Okurut, the Minister in charge of General Duties who is also the overseer of the National Response Fund chaired by Emmanuel Katongole.

Other who contributed

Joseph Katongole, a barber trekked from Makindye division to Office of the Prime Minister, he contributed sh10, 000 towards the fight against COVID 19. "This is all I hard, in my pocket, however, I decided to contribute towards the fight against COVID19, I call upon every individual especially the rich people to contribute towards this noble cause."

Mohan Rao the Chairman of Indian Association of Uganda donated items worth sh350m including15,000 cartons of powder milk, 20,000cartons of soap, 1,500 liters of sanitizers, 2.5 tonnes of rice, 5 tonnes of sugar, 2,000 tonnes of beans, 3,000 tonnes of maize flour, 5,000 cartons of biscuits, 2,000 packets of packed juices, among others.

Nile Humanitarian Development Agency (NHDA) under its Food and Aid program contributed $ 27,500 (sh104m) towards the cause.

Erhan Cukur, the Secretary Generals of the NHDA praised President Yoweri Museveni for the effort towards the fight against the fight towards the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cukur said: "We appreciate President Museveni's efforts to curb the spread of Coronavirus and also appreciate the government efforts to protect the health care workers who are at the frontline of fighting the epidemic."

State Minister for Primary education Rosemary Sseninde and her husband Sseninde under, the Sseninde Foundation donated 5 tonnes of maize flour.

Vegol Uganda Ltd, donated over 5,000 pieces of Sanyu herbal anti-bacterial soap worth sh10m.

Sagar Malde Managing Director of Vegol Uganda Ltd, noted that the nation cannot survive without healthy people, the reason we have donated towards Museveni's call."

Prime Media and the Pakistan Community in Uganda represented by the consular Lukia Nakadama also contributed.

Source: newvision

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